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Wedding / Home Decor Tapestry

Wedding / Home Decor Tapestry

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Whether you plan to use them as elegant wedding signage or as an ideal gift for housewarming and home decor, these tapestries are brimming with heartfelt messages, crafted with all the love <3. The designs are meticulously handwritten, and we are certainly open to creating custom designs to suit your unique preferences!

Here's the ideal accessory for adding a touch of creativity to your photos and making them uniquely yours with some fun photobombs!

  • Hand-drawn and fashioned from top-quality, long-lasting materials – kindly  remember though, this beauty calls for a gentle hand wash on the damage spot if any!

  • Large ~36" x45"H | Medium is ~20" x 36" 

  • Some wrinkling will occur because of shipping and etc. Steaming is recommended on the back. 

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