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Styling Session

Styling Session

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Despite everyone’s best intentions, wedding days, editorial workshops and creative retreats are inevitably a stressful, arduos and overwhelming affair. There’s the getting-ready pics, the attendee that arrives late and is asking all the Q’s, the time and (let’s admit it!) pressure to get all the details provided right for the camera and the flat lays in time —ay yi yi.

Why not take things to the next level, tap the calming button for everyone’s sake and worry-not about flat lays with the best solution, a Styling Session? Done and done.

A unique styling session is the quick fix. Victoria’s poised and french-inspired suitcase is prepped with the loveliest illustrations, calligraphy scrolled placecards, ribbons and hand-painted mats ever conceived, and *the* curated antique collection for props (it keeps growing and growing)!

Needless to say, this is probably the best service in existence—and it’s got your name on it as you shimmy over to check-out.

  • 1.5 -2 hrs of styling time, as many flat lays as possible!
  • Styling mats and props included
  • Loose blooms included as well, (well, of course!
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