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Silk Habotai Ribbon *SPOOL*

Silk Habotai Ribbon *SPOOL*

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Romantic stationery is not fully that until you have some really luxurious frayed silk ribbon around it, am I right!? 
Our ribbon spools are hand-dyed and processed in small batches which results in beautiful and unique hues that belong only to our studio (that's right!)

The ribbon's density exhibits delightful variations and, for the most part, offers an excellent alternative to traditional silk satin ribbons.

We exclusively stock this luxurious artisan brand simply because we have a deep affection for superior quality materials.
  • Each natural wood spool has around 5.5 yards of material
  • Daintiest silk ribbon to choose from either 1" or .5"
  • 3 colors to choose from: muted gold, dusty blue and the softest daintiest rosé
  • PERFECT for styling!
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