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Silk Chiffon Ribbon *for invitations*

Silk Chiffon Ribbon *for invitations*

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minimum 25 suites

CHIFFON my love! 
The ribbon's density exhibits delightful variations and, for the most part, offers an excellent alternative to traditional silk satin ribbons.
Boasting just the perfect level of movement and delicately frayed edges, silk chiffon exudes an organic, ethereal quality with an unmistakably elegant shimmer. We introduced this material as an alternative for those seeking a vintage-inspired wrapping item, aiming to infuse the entire stationery with a distinctive and character-rich charm.

We exclusively stock this luxurious artisan brand simply because we have a deep affection for superior quality materials.
Your guests will have the opportunity to repurpose their 1/2 yard of ribbon, making it a thoughtful and sustainable touch to your event! 
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