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Folded Ceremony Program

Folded Ceremony Program

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minimum 25 suites

Wedding days -especially the ceremony part of it- are inevitably an anxious affair (have you tried to get the ceremony program together yet? ). There’s everyone chiming in who should walk with whom, who will read what and, are you going to include your Aunt Dory singing in the program? —ay yi yi.

Why not calming reset button on everyone’s behalf and start with 50% of the project already handled for you with a Folded Ceremony Program? There, problem solved.

Once opened, the program is prepped with the loveliest layout for a program ever conceived, and the format will give you the chance to customize the information as you wish (we will be the only ones to know, don’t you worry!). Needless to say, this is probably the best semi-custom folded ceremony program in existence—and it’s got your name on it as you shimmy over to check-out.

  • Premium cotton cardstock
  • Total size is 4.5 x 9” folded / 9 x 9” opened
  • Also - We will add a complimentary chiffon or crinkle ribbon to the bind !
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